About Us

Our Promise

AudxMD believes to be successful within the current landscape of healthcare your practice need partners who continually stay ahead of the ever-changing spectrum of rules and regulations to collect revenues that are rightfully yours.

We blend expertise and with our deep-rooted customer service commitments to guarantee a successful and profitable relationship with AudxMD.”

Via our strategic relationships we gained key insights into Physician Assistant (PA) reimbursements. PAs are an essential part of an orthopedic group, and we noticed declining reimbursements and thus declining involvement of the PA which is unfair to your patients.

Since 2010 we are hyper-focused in this key area. By outsourcing PA billing into our systems we have collected over $18,000,000 of PA revenue for our partners that is rightfully theirs.

Here is how are partners are returning on average +200% return on PA Billing and regaining revenue that is rightfully theirs…

  • Specific focus on Physician Assistant (PA) health insurance billing
  • All of staff are claim and medical billing veterans
  • Ahead of constant change in healthcare management in particular the restrictive reimbursement system
  • Key denial management technology, and follow up procedures increase productivity and dramatically reduce resource burn on your collections

Our current partners specialize in

General Orthopedic Joint Reconstruction
Hand Surgery Spine Surgery
Sports Medicine Trauma Surgery
Shoulder Specialist Knee & Hip Specialist
Foot & Ankle Specialist